Volunteers Wanted

  iain   25/07/20  Category: Trust  Tags

The Enfield Island Village Trust (EIVT) is the umbrella organisation responsible for the maintenance and management of the Island.  It comprises residents who are appointed by their peers as trustees.  A minimum of 4 trustees is required to run the Island.  However, it is beneficial to have more in order to have a more balanced view when arriving at decisions affecting Island residents!    

The EIVT is currently recruiting for more residents to volunteer as trustees to replace those who are shortly to retire.  This post sets out the role of a trustee and asks that you consider putting yourself forward for election.  Please note, no special skills are required to become a trustee, all you need is enthusiasm and a sense of social responsibility!

The workload/responsibilities placed on trustees when the Trust is being administered by a managing agent, as is the case with EIVT who have appointed agents Rendall and Rittner, is modest.  Trustees can participate in matters as much, or as little, as they feel comfortable with.  The managing agent deals with all administrative aspects of running the EIVT and all day-to-day maintenance issues.  They do however liaise closely with trustees throughout the year and meet with them on a regular basis.

The essence of a good managing agent is that “they advise, trustees decide and the managing agent implements”.  Essentially, the managing agent advise trustees and undertakes all necessary work related to the effective running of the Island, but it is the trustees who are in control and who give instructions to the managing agent  – and oversee how effective they are at implementing such!

It should be noted that sustaining the workings of the EIVT is absolutely essential if the ambiance of the island is to be maintained and to ensure the interests of Island residents are safeguarded.  Were the EIVT to fall into disarray, through a lack of interest on the part of residents to volunteer as trustees then there would be serious implications for the wellbeing of Island residents, with a potential knock-on effect on the saleability and value of properties on the Island!

I trust you have found the above information helpful.  As stated at the outset, some of the current trustees are retiring and volunteers are needed to replace them. Accordingly, if you are interested in putting yourself forward as a trustee then please contact Loretta Moore, Rendall and Rittner on 020 3479 5024 or email loretta.moore@rendallandrittner.co.uk