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On the 14 Mar 19 I asked the Trust where members can view Trust Board and AGM minutes. Trust policy is reported to be to post minutes on the members’ website at http:/

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  1. Here is the reply from the Trust received on 3 May 19.

    “Board meeting minutes are published on the Trust website in the Members area, which is accessible by those Members who have signed up to the website. There is usually a 5-6 week delay between a meeting and its minutes being published, which allows for their review and adoption at the next Board meeting. AGM minutes will also be published on the website. The 2018 AGM minutes (parts 1 and 2) have not been published yet but they will be soon, in good time for Member comments ahead of the 2019 AGM planned for this summer.”

    Update: I logged into the Members area on 19 May following receipt of the Trust’s response and the last set of Board Minutes were 19 Nov 18 – and no AGM minutes at all!

  2. I logged onto the Trust’s website yesterday and it was ‘broken’. See my post ‘Trust – Update’

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