Trust Information?

  iain   19/01/20  Category: Trust  Tags

I would like to know where are the minutes of Trust meetings which should be published on the Trust’s website. See my post on ‘Trust Minutes’ dated 14 Mar 19 and the assurances given by the Trust then! The last set of minutes on the website, at the time of this posting, was on 3 Jun 19! Is this really the last time a meeting was convened?

I would also like to receive or see a copy of the latest set of Company Accounts on the website, but note from Companies House that they have yet to be filed! I have also asked where I can see a copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association. A copy on the website would be helpful?

I don’t know what other form of media the Trust uses to communicate with residents but if it is, as I surmise, their website, then might I suggest it needs to be updated or other forms of communication considered?