Enfield Island Village

Rent & Service Charge

Rent & Service Charge

Enfield Island is comprised of a number of Management Companies which provide for the maintenance and upkeep of the privately-owned areas within the development.  This area is essentially the whole of the Island!

Funding of the upkeep is achieved through the levy of an annual Estate Rent Charge (circa £250) on each and every member.  The sum varies and is determined each year on 1 April by the EIVT Board of Trustees.

Note: Enfield Council is only responsible for maintaining the main arterial roads and adjoining footpaths/grass verges – including the paved areas alongside the canal and the main Causeway (Smeaton Road) bridge leading onto the Island.

Enfield Island Village Trust (EIVT) – Estate Rent Charge.

All flat and house owners within the entire development are, following application, members of of the EIVT – formerly Residents’Association.   The EIVT deals with the maintenance and upkeep of the private areas used in common throughout the development and includes the following items:

  • Private roads and footpaths.
  • Riverside walk and footpaths.
  • Play areas.
  • Public open spaces.
  • Piazza and canal basin.
  • River margin.
  • The water tower and two bridges leading off the Island – one opposite the old MOD Police Station at the end of Harston Drive lead to Enfield Lock (No. 13) – a lock gate on the River Lee Navigation – and the other, Constitution Bridge, leading onto Government Row. Note: as stated above the main Causeway (Smeaton Road) bridge is the responsibility of Enfield Council to maintain.
  • Water tower feature located within the roundabout at the entrance to the development.
  • Riverbanks, beds etc.
  • Private lighting.
  • Public insurance liability within the development to the private common areas.
  • Maintenance of the track leading from cattle gate flood relief channel to Sewardstone Road.
  • Monitoring of the clay cap serving the development on a bi-annual basis using services of a specialist company.
  • To maintain a Community Centre facility for residents.


  • Sewage: There are 7 pumping stations on the Island which pump wastewater and effluent to a master/central pumping station adjacent to Pritchett Close where it is then pumped off the Island to join the main drainage system in Enfield Lock. The 7 stations used to be privately owned by Island residents and the responsibility of the EIVT to maintain, at a cost of some £38k/annum, but since 2013 have reverted to public ownership and are the responsibility of Thames Water to maintain.
  • Policing/Anti-Social Behaviour: The EIVT is NOT responsible for policing of the Island or dealing with anti-social behaviour. This is the responsibility of the police and Enfield Council. Both hold regular meetings in the Ordnance Road Library (at the time of writing) which are free/open to residents to attend. Contact your local Ward Councillor for further details.

Block Management Companies – Service Charge

As well as the EIVT, nine additional companies, known as Block Management Companies (BMCs), were set up to administer the various phases within the development – those housing the blocks of flats.  All private flat owners, in addition to being a member of the EIVT, are also members of one of the BMCs.   These companies deal with the maintenance and upkeep of the common areas of the blocks of flats concerned, including decorations, cleaning, communal electricity, general repairs and improvements.   These aspects are funded through the levy of a Service Charge, the amount of which is determined by directors of the respective BMCs.  Note this Service Charge is in addition to the Rent Charge!  The BMCs on the Island are:

Area (R2) Management Company

  • Dundas Mews
  • Aldis Mews
  • Polsten Mews
  • Watkin Mews
  • Hispano mews
  • Colt Mews

Area (R9&10B) Management Company

  • Manton Flats (odd and even)

Phase 1 Management Company

  • Maynard Court
  • Fulton Court
  • Benson Court
  • Soper Mews
  • Harston Houses
  • Harston Drive
  • James Lee Square

Phase 2 (Block H) Management Company

  • Woolwich Court
  • Lewisham Court

Phase 2 (Block JKL&M) Management Company

  • Wallace Court
  • Needham Court
  • Dyer Court
  • Bren Court

Phase 2 (Block PQ&R) Management Company

  • Berdan Court
  • Treeby Court
  • Fisher Close

Phase 2 (Block S&T) Management Company Limited

  • Morris Court
  • Peabody Court

Phase 3 (Block W) Management Company

  • Webley Court

Phase 3 (Block X) Management Company

  • Greener Court

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