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On 14 Mar 19 I asked the Trust:

Have you awarded a contract to maintain the canal and if so when can we expect to see an improvement?  The canal barge is also covered in bird excrement.  The reason, if you do not already know, is because the stainless steel ‘bird prevention’ wires which stretched from bow to stern along the top of the barge are missing.  I assume you will be arranging to have the barge cleaned?  Can you confirm when you do that you will also have the missing wires replaced.

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  1. On the 3 May 19 the Trust replied:

    “The canal maintenance contractor engaged on a provisional basis towards the end of 2018, Essex Aquatics, have proven their worth and therefore have been reappointed by the Board for a further period of 12 months. There was a short break in service while a new scope of work was agreed, which might have manifested itself as a temporary increase in weeds, but this should be rectified soon. Other canal maintenance matters, including the aerators and the boat, will be addressed through them.”

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