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I wrote to the Trust on 14 Mar 19 and am awaiting a reply to the following questions:

  • Otterbine Aerators. Can you advise of the whereabouts of one of the 6 Otterbine canal aerators. One appears to be missing? I believe it may not have been returned after being taken away for maintenance?
  • Serviceability. I noted on 14 March 19 that only 2 of the remaining 5 aerators appear to be serviceable and have asked if steps are being taken to have the unserviceable aerators fixed.
  • Electricity Usage. I would like some clarity on the cost of running the aerators. I understand the Trust may be being charged a fixed quarterly amount for electricity as opposed to actual usage. I contend a fixed quarterly amount should work out cheaper, but only if all aerators are maintained and working, otherwise it might be more cost-effective for the Trust to be charged for actual electricity usage?

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  1. Reply received from the Trust on 3 May 19:

    “Unfortunately, there are still things to confirm about the aerators, therefore I will respond about those separately.”

  2. As of today, I have yet to receive any answers from the Trust and have therefore asked to be provided with an update.

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