Govt Row Barrier

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I wrote to the Trust on 14 Mar and stated:

I stated at the 2017 AGM that any plans to move the Government Row barrier should be put to all Island residents/members for consultation. I deemed it to be a misuse of Rent Charge funds if such consultation did not take place.  I asked if plans were afoot to move the barrier? if so then can I have details of the planning application so that I, as a concerned resident, can object?   

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  1. I received a reply from the Trust on 3 May:

    “This has been put on hold until an appropriate consultation can be conducted, which in turn has been put on hold while the Board deals with other urgent matters. All relevant stakeholders will be given an opportunity to participate in the consultation when it is held. The Board will seek input from suitable advisors in determining who are the relevant stakeholders.”

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