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2019 AGM – 27 Jan 2020

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2019 AGM – 27 Jan 2020

  iain   19/01/20  Category: Trust  Tags

The 2019 AGM was adjourned because, as I understand it, the meeting did not have the requisite number of members attending – and is now to be held on 27 January 2020 at 1830hrs. A revised Agenda is to be posted out to members but has, at the time of writing, not been received. This… continue reading »

Legal Fees!

  iain   22/07/19  Category: Trust  Tags

I had occasion to do a Transfer of Charge for my property recently – requiring a signed Certificate of Compliance and a Deed of Covenant from the Managing Agent, Warwick Estates, on behalf of the Trust.  Two simple letters/documents for which the Rentcharge Deed confirms “a reasonable fee not being less that £15”  However, I… continue reading »

Trust – Update

  iain   20/06/19  Category: Nil  Tags

I have informed the Trust that their website is ‘broken’ and I am still not able to view past minutes. I have therefore asked for the dates of the meetings held since Mar 19 and for copies of minutes from those meetings to be sent to me electronically. I have also requested to attend the… continue reading »

Govt Row Barrier

  iain   14/03/19  Category: Trust  Tags

I wrote to the Trust on 14 Mar and stated: I stated at the 2017 AGM that any plans to move the Government Row barrier should be put to all Island residents/members for consultation. I deemed it to be a misuse of Rent Charge funds if such consultation did not take place.  I asked if… continue reading »

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